Prata med Amy 29 år 

The girl next door
Hi! I’m Amy, a 29 year old girl from London, England.

I'm studying but I often get bored and lonely, being at home. Maybe you can call me and we can chat for a while?

I am happy and funny...maybe a little giggly too, sometimes. I really enjoy talking about absolutely anything!


Amy speak English

I have lots of tattoos...some in secret little places 😘

Prata med Amy:

24.90 kr/min. Minst 18 år samt äga telefonabonnemanget du använder.

Call from Norway From Norway: 829-905 17

Call from Finland From Finland: 0700-41 68 21

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Ring fra norge 829-905 17
Bor du i norge kan du ringe oss og snakke ved våre jenter. Privat live. Gutter ring.
829-905 17 (26 Nok/min)

Soita 0700-41 68 21
Vain ruotsalainen tyttö. Puhua Amy kanssa nyt. Soita
0700-41 68 21 (2 Euro/min)

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